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Planning a party for teenagers can be quite challenging, and with the many options available, deciding on the best games to play at the party can be challenging.

Group games are always a fantastic choice because they encourage active participation and create an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved. 

They also help in breaking the ice and encouraging everyone’s participation. Whether you prefer classic party games or are looking for genuinely unique activities, there is something to keep everyone entertained at your next teen party. 

To help you out, here is a list of the top party games designed for teenagers to help your celebration become a resounding success.


Charades are a popular choice for teenage parties. And the good thing is that they are easy to play. Setting it up is also a breeze, and everyone can participate by forming teams and taking turns to act out words or phrases.

To make it fun, select categories and topics that align with the interests of teenagers. These include movie titles, song lyrics, popular celebrities, and social media trends.

Just like with other interactive game rentals, offer small prizes or rewards to the winning teams or individuals who deliver particularly creative charades performances. Teenagers will find motivation through friendly competition and incentives.

Who Am I?

In this game, each player is required to place a sticky note featuring the name of a famous person or character on their forehead without peeking. 

The objective is to accurately determine the identity of the person in question without asking any inquiries. 

There is no doubt that this game will bring laughter and spark conversations among everyone. 

Choose characters pertinent to the teenagers’ interests to make the game relatable. For example, you can incorporate well-known celebrities, fictional characters from popular movies, TV shows, or video games that teenagers are likely to be familiar with.

Include a combination of both easy and challenging characters. This is to ensure that you engage individuals of all knowledge levels.

To create variety and excitement, include themed rounds. For instance, you can have rounds that revolve around movie characters, historical figures, renowned athletes, or even characters from a book series.


Pictionary is a fantastic choice as it encourages creativity. Here players take turns drawing pictures while the other players try to guess the depicted words or phrases. 

The game promotes creativity and humor, two excellent qualities for any celebration.

Choose words or phrases associated with pop culture, movies, TV shows, music, and internet trends that are commonly known among teenagers. This will enhance the relatability and enjoyment of the game.

Lip sync battles

You should gather the teenagers, distribute various props, and encourage them to create entertaining performances by lip-syncing to songs of their preference. 

As much as teenagers have a free choice, encourage them to select popular and easily recognizable songs. Lip sync battles often thrive on songs with catchy tunes, iconic lyrics, and energetic beats, so they should go for these. 

You also should encourage teenagers to select songs from a wide range of genres. This approach guarantees a diverse blend of musical styles, effectively captivating the audience.

Allow the teenagers to incorporate props and costumes into their performances. This adds an extra layer of entertainment and creativity to the event, which enhances the overall experience.

After the battle, provide prizes or certificates to recognize and reward outstanding performances. Acknowledging the efforts of participants enhances the overall experience of the event, making it more fulfilling and unforgettable.

Scavenger hunt

The scavenger hunt is an excellent opportunity to encourage teenagers to engage in outdoor activities. You should conceal various items throughout the vicinity and challenge the teenagers to locate and retrieve them. 

For a great experience, choose a theme for the scavenger hunt, which is a guiding principle for the rest of your planning process.

Create a comprehensive list of items, clues, or tasks that participants must locate or accomplish. Ensure that the items chosen are pertinent to the theme and appropriate for the given location.

Ensure that the selection of items or tasks includes a balanced mix of easy, moderate, and challenging options. This helps keep participants engaged and gives them a feeling of accomplishment as they progress.

You should design a route that effectively guides the participants through the scavenger hunt. Of course, ensure that the route is logical and easy to follow, without being overly confusing. 

To make it easy for the teenagers to complete the task, provide them with clear instructions and markers to guide them throughout the process.

Water volleyball

Water volleyball is an excellent group game for teenagers, making it an ideal choice for any birthday or teen party. 

The game ensures that everyone stays entertained throughout the event.

From its name, you need to organize this game in a pool or a place with a large body of water. 

You also should ensure you have all the necessary equipment for your volleyball game. This includes a volleyball, a net, and boundary markers. Portable or inflatable volleyball nets are the perfect choice for playing water volleyball. Thankfully, you can easily get these at inflatable game rentals MD

Safety should always be a paramount concern. Ensure that all participants are fully informed about the water depth and remind them to exercise caution when diving or jumping.

You should always monitor the weather conditions. If there is a chance of lightning or adverse weather, consider postponing or ending the game early.

After the game, offer post-game refreshments and provide a designated area for players to unwind and socialize. This presents a wonderful opportunity for participants to relax and engage in conversation.

Parting shot

These are some games you should consider when organizing a teenager’s party. As much as teenagers appear like grownups, they aren’t, so you still need to monitor them and ensure they follow the rules and avoid engaging in other mischievous activities. 

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