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Virtual Bingo

Virtual Casino

This classic game of chance has just entered the 21st century. Participants receive a Zoom link and a pin number to access the game via their smart devices. Once pin numbers are entered, each person receives an interactive Bingo card. Each time a ball is drawn, a corresponding animation will appear on the screen. If your number is called, simply select the corresponding square on your smart device.


1 Hour


4-5 games which may include –horizontal, vertical, diagonal, four corners and full board
Live host
Smart device integration

Customized branded Game Board (company/sponsor logos)
20 Minute Tech Session (required for non-Zoom users)
30 Minute Run of Show Session


~90 minutes


One casino manager
One breakout room per table
One live dealer per table
One video technician per table
6-10 guests per table
Playing materials and equipment
tables, cards, chips, etc.
Spreadsheet with final chipcounts

Green screen with company/sponsor logos
Pipe and drape casino backdrop