All In One Events

Virtual Casino

Down the Stretch! Virtual Horse Racing

We bring the excitement and fun of off-track betting virtually! Prior to the event, participants will complete a virtual form to select their horses. Participants will connect virtually to cheer on horses in real time. While there is no real betting involved, we encourage prizes as an extra incentive to participants.


1 hour


  • Live host
  • 10 races
  • 100 players
  • Betting document
  • Prize ceremony


  • Customization 
    • Branded Game Board (company logo)
    • Sponsored Races
  • Up to 150 players total
  • 20 Minute Tech Session (required for non-Zoom users) 
  • 30 Minute Run of Show Session 


~90 minutes


One casino manager
One breakout room per table
One live dealer per table
One video technician per table
6-10 guests per table
Playing materials and equipment
tables, cards, chips, etc.
Spreadsheet with final chipcounts

Green screen with company/sponsor logos
Pipe and drape casino backdrop